Blue Jacar X CIIE 2020 in Shanghai, China

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On the 5th November 2020, Blue Jacar was participating in the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, China. Which is one of the biggest expo held and hosted by China government.
With the theme of our brand philosophy – ‘dreams of forever young by the power of nature’, we showcase our Blue Jacar products which include our star collection – The Rose Damascena, and also our body care product from our Beloved collection.
Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, we are not able to travel to China by person. Therefore, we get our team members who were located in China, to help with this exhibition. In this 4 days expo, we did receive a huge yet fruitful result.
We even got an interview with one of the famous TV shows in China.
As a home-grown Australia brand, we are seeking to deliver more eco, organic, and natural products to the Chinese market, by introducing various benefits of our natural floral and fruity extract which really helps to cure different kinds of skin problems.

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