About Us

 Blue Jacar is inspired by the natural beauty of the Jacaranda tree in bloom. Every Sydney spring, the breeze carries the lilac petals, draping the city with a blanket of enchanting purple flowers. 

A woman’s skin is delicate like a jacaranda petal, so Blue Jacar aims to preserve and enhance every woman’s natural beauty with the power of nature, allowing their beauty to bloom and look forever young. 

Captivating natural fragrances are at the core of Blue Jacar since its conception in 2016. The Hand, Face & Body, and Home Collection Ranges boast top-tier scents derived from high quality ingredients. Each product creates a calming, aromatic atmosphere that will relax both mind and body.

Our founder encourages quality and affordable products, featuring forefront trendy designs. Explore this Australian made and owned skincare brand!

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